It’s all about ME

My name is Rebecca and I live in the New Forest, in Hampshire. I started this blog because I had the urge to share my ramblings, crochet projects, random ideas, deep deep thoughts, stories and yoga musings. There are no rules. I have friends who are amazing writers and incredible storytellers and I want this to be a platform for them to share as well.

It’s also a selfish collection of all the things that I love and am attracted to in this beautiful and ugly world. I have been trying to create blogs for years and finally this morning I woke up and realised that I have tried to be different things each time… a painter, a storyteller, an artist, a yogi… and each blog has been a reflection of that one label… but the problem is that I am not just one of the those things… I am all of them….. and I get bored with just being one thing so eventually the blog trails off into nothing … and dies a blog death (there is never a funeral… just a kind of ritual passing where the words I once wrote no longer exist… and it’s sad but it’s also life… and maybe this blog will die too but I have a good feeling about this one… )

I am a painter, a crafter, a yogi, a writer, a scientist, a vegetarian carnivore… I am so many things and yet I am not defined by any one of those things… and so here is my first blog where I don’t pretend to be one thing but accept that one day I want to crochet and the next I want to record a meditation and send it out into the world… and that’s ok.

We live in a world of labels and I think all too often I feel trapped by this… In my real life I design swimming pools… and I work for schools, councils and private clients. My drawings at work are all straight lines and logical… – incidentally did you know that the current swimming pool fashion is a good old fashioned rectangle!? People just don’t want kidney bean shaped pools anymore! – But I am also a yogi and I am still trying to figure out what that means. I am human and if there is one thing I have learnt about being human – it’s that there are no straight lines and nothing is logical…. there is chaos and blurred shapes and mess…

So… without further ado (because I’m an actress and I love a bit of drama) here is a blog filled with my thoughts, ramblings, inspiration, creativity and downright chaos… please feel free to join in the mess.

If you want to contribute then comment, email, get in touch ….

I unashamedly note here that all hate comments and spam will be unceremoniously trashed and glossed over because it is the internet and I can do what I want because it’s my blog…

Love, Always. Rebecca xXx