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Rebecca Witt
07583 817288

I have many skills, but I am best at designing and making things. There is not much I cannot build or make when I put my mind to it.

At Primary School (in France), I Wrote, Directed, Produced and Acted in Cendrillion, a French take on the Traditional English Pantomime.

At Secondary School (again in France), I was an Actress, a Lighting Technician, a Costume Maker and Sourcer, a Runner, a Rock Climber, and many things besides.

At University I designed and built many things, including a First World War Trench, a large-scale Film Set for a Post Apocalyptic Mini-Series, Period Costumes, and a hell of a lot of Props!

I have worked for Disney on the film Into The Woods in the Costume Department training under Gabrielle Firth, Dulcie Scott and Colleen Atwood. Whilst I was there I further developed my skills in Dyeing Fabric, Screenprinting, Breaking Down Costumes, Spray Painting, Leather Work and Costume Construction.

I love Films and a lot of my inspiration comes from the movie world. My list of favourite films and actors/actresses is endless...

I love History, especially English History, and I live next to Old Sarum Castle, in Salisbury, which is like a dream for history nerds like myself!

I believe that keeping fit and healthy is the only way to lead your life. My mother always told me that - You Are What You Eat - which means that I am Eggs, Cheese, All kinds of Fruit and Veg, Really Dark Chocolate, Tea and Red Wine... Oh and my grandmother's Gratin D'ofinois!

Come and visit me on the
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Salisbury Teenage Market
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